Booklet Printing

I prefer to stand, walk, or sprawl on the couch when I'm reading papers and articles because I spend so much time sitting at a computer. Likely some day I will buy an iPad or Kindle, but they're currently both beyond my means and lacking in really effective stylus input.1 Until that day arrives, I print out many documents. Usually I double-side, but if the document is particularly long, I'll double-side with two pages per side. Unfortunately, booklet printing is not standard in the OS X print dialogue, so I end up with an awkward reading experience.

Today, I discovered Create Booklet which hooks into the OS X print dialogue to enable booklet-style printing of any document. Remember to select the flip on short-edge option to ensure proper orientation!

Unfortunately, it doesn't fix the ugliness of printed websites. The formatting comes out terrible and the navigation elements are included, despite their functional irrelevance. I avoid this with Readability. It converts the website into a beautiful format, amenable to booklet-style printing. The combination of Create Booklet and Readability yields beautiful booklets and only a modest burden on the trees!

  1. It is conceivable that I could use a current-generation iPad with a stylus, but I really want something like a Wacom tablet for sketching in the margins