Racket Salon Boston

Racket Salon Boston is a meet up for folks interested in Racket and functional programming. Each meeting consists of a couple talks, chit-chat, and a group outing for dinner.

The atmosphere is open to people of all skill levels and interests. We are eager to meet students, professionals, hobbyists, and other interested individuals! To keep up to date, you should subscribe to our calendar.

We're looking for speakers for future meetings to share with us their stories of Racket hacks, frustrations, and joys. If you're interested in sharing some wisdom, please contact .

The next meeting will likely be held in late January. Stay tuned to the racket-users mailing list, our calendar (iCal, web), or this website for more news!

The February Meeting

The third meeting of Racket Salon Boston will be held on Thursday February 20th, 2014 at 7pm in Cambridge at Harvard University, Maxwell Dworkin, Room 119 (which is on the second floor).

The confirmed talks are:

The January Meeting

We held the second meeting of Racket Salon on Monday January 27, 2013 at Northeastern University, West Village H, Room 366!

We had three talks in January:

The December Meeting

The inaugural meeting of Racket Salon Boston was held on the Ninth of December from at Northeastern University in West Village H, Room 366.

We had three talks at the inaugural meeting: